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Vincent Leow


Principal Occupational Therapist



  • Hand and upper limb rehabilitation

  • Splint/ Orthosis fabrication

  • Physical modalities application

  • Ergonomics consultation

  • Myofascial Treatment

  • Functional capacity evaluation

Professional Appointments

  • Therapy Member, Executive Committee, Singapore Society for Hand Surgery (2015 till date)

  • Editor, Singapore Association of Hand Therapy (2016 till date)

Vincent obtained his Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) in 2010 from the University of Sydney and practised in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he developed a strong inclination towards Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation. Merging his roots in Occupational Therapy with his knowledge of Upper Limb Rehabilitation, he believes in optimising one's state of well-being and health through the functional engagement of the hands. He specializes in the management of wrist ligament sprain and repetitive stress injuries like trigger fingers and carpal tunnel syndrome.


With more than 10 years of practice in this specialised field, Vincent has a wealth of experience managing a wide variety of upper limb conditions. He is well versed in various techniques such as the application of neuromuscular strengthening, therapeutic ultrasound and kinesio-taping, using them adeptly to enhance his clients’ rehabilitation experiences. Using a holistic approach to client care, he seeks to address not only the physical impairments, but all other areas contributing to an optimal quality of life. Understanding that work is an important component of one’s life, Vincent is also uniquely qualified to assess clients’ abilities to return to work after an injury with his certification as a Functional Capacity Evaluator and specialised training in Ergonomics assessments.


Outside of clinical practice, Vincent actively engages in running continuous education for the profession as an executive committee member in both the Singapore Society of Hand Surgery and Singapore Association of Hand Therapy. He is also frequently invited to share his experience and knowledge during the Annual Hands Meetings organised by these societies. Vincent has also taken up mentorship and managerial roles in private hospitals, a long-term care facility and the National University Hospital.

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